Elisa Parker with Kathy Griffin: Forever the PerSister


“My time is spent almost equally now between stand up and resistance…I do take pride in saying to women of all ages that this part (fighting for equality) isn’t over yet.  We have to jump higher, work harder and think of new imaginative ways to get in the side door or side window because the front door may not be open yet.”~ Kathy Griffin Kathy Griffin is the ultimate resistance sister.  She’s been leading the way for women in comedy for years and despite it all, never gives up and will never be quiet.  In this interview she talks about surviving and thriving in an industry that values youth, looks and men over talented women.  Kathy shares intimate stories about her mentors and icons, Joan Rivers and Gloria Steinem, her go to guy, Anderson Cooper, living next door to the Kardashians (a possible new babysitting gig for her mom, Maggie) and of course, her bizarre encounters with The Donald.  Unlike many of Kathy’s interviews where most of her stories are around fellow celebrity encounters, as she said following our conversation…”I went deep.”  It’s a side we don’t often hear from this incredibly talented and no holds bar comedian and best ...

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